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The Process of making Zirtoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We have set out to establish a plant that combines the long Syrian history and tradition of olive oil making, with the latest technological machinery to ensure the highest quality in natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Olives are obtained under a long-term deal made with farmers to buy the crops of 25000 trees located in Salqin, Al-knayeh in Idleb and Ifrin in Aleppo. Our team follows these trees to make sure that disease prevention is done in natural ways and that no chemicals are used neither for fertilization nor for prevention.

Olive collection is done manually by experienced olive tree farmers. Olives are handpicked and selected just when they are ready to ensure the highest quality product. Then olives are transported in suitable plastic crates for olives with holes for ventilation.

Under a contract with a new extraction plant, our olives are processed no longer than 48 hours after collection. During this period our olives are stored indoors. Then, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed.

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Concerning the transportation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our plant, we have manufactured 3 storage tanks in different sizes made of SS304. These are placed in the extraction plants to collect our olive oil.

These mini storage tanks can be transported by a truck to our facilities where the peroxide, acidity and humidity are checked in our lab supplied by Radiometer of France.
Once the testing results are found to be satisfactory, the olive oil is transported to the suitable stainless steel storage tank via special outside connections.

Collection of olives, cold pressing of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is all done under our supervision.
We have a total storage capacity of 500 tons (10 tanks with a capacity of 50 tons each). All tanks are made in Spain of Stainless Steel 304 BA.
The tanks have the following characteristics:

  • tanks are located in an isolated hall, protected from sunlight and placed 50 cm above the floor. The tanks have a sloping base , so that sediment can be easily removed.
  • The walls of the hall are made of special isolating bricks to prevent the transfer of heat from and to the inside. Each tank is equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger to increase the temperature of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil during the winter. The inlet water is heated to a maximum temperature of 25 Celsius.
    In the summer a high capacity air-conditioning system keeps the storage hall and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil cool.
    This temperature management facility keeps the temperature of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil between 13 and 22 Celsius all year long.
  • Each tank is equipped with a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the oil, a manhole for inside cleaning, and three sample valves located at different heights. An inlet and partial discharge valve. A valve for complete discharge.
  • Each tank has connections for Nitrogen gas feeding. The nitrogen gas ensures the homogenization of the oil inside the tanks and the formation of a layer of nitrogen gas on top of the oil level to isolate oil from air in the top and therefore preventing any further oxidation of the oil and preventing any changes in the characteristic of the oil.
    A bubble acting vent located on the top of the tank makes the above possible by preventing air from coming into the tanks
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A new Filtration system from Gianazza Technology in Italy based on the latest technology filters the impurities and humidity physically from the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Hence extracting 80% of the humidity present in the oil and making the maximum impurity present between 0.05% and 0.1%.
Then, a polishing machine from Gianazza gives the oil, through natural methods, the brilliant look it has.
We also have a modern laboratory supplied by Radiometer Analytical S.A. France for checking the quality of the olive oil.
Finally, we have a new filling, capping and bottling line from OCIM Italy, which is specialized in the olive oil bottling sector that ensures clean filling and capping of the bottles.
This line is highly flexible and capable of filling glass and PET bottles from 200 ml up to 2000 ml. All kinds of shapes can be filled and caped with plastic or aluminum caps. Labels can be placed from the front and the back. Lot number, production date and expiry date are printed on the bottles by VideoJet.
Packaging is in suitable cartons with in-between cartons for glass bottles.

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We presently bottle under our own label "Zirtoon". Extra Virgin Olive Oil for private labels can also be bottled in different shapes and sizes.

We are available with all the facilities and the equipment along with the effort and follow up in taking care of the olive trees, collection of olives, transportation, extraction and bottling to produce the highest olive oil quality.

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