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Our company has set out to build a plant, that celebrates the Syrian history of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
As detailed out in this site, our company's actions are significant in protecting the Syrian Olive Oil quality and tradition. For tradition, we have acted as preservers of the country's Olive Oil tradition, by working on numerous occasions, towards that goal, with the Olive Bureau. Finally to ensure the high quality of Syrian Olive Oil, our company has acted to make sure that farmers continue using natural farming techniques, and has invested in the latest technology in the world, to store, filter and bottle the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Our plant is located on the main highway connecting Aleppo to the capital Damascus. The plant is 20 km from Aleppo and 17 km from the ancient kingdom of Ebla. We are in north of Syria in the middle of an area containing 25 million olive oil trees out of a total of 60 million trees in Syria.

Our plant is 1100 mts of closed facilities (warehouses, offices and factory), located on 15000 mts of land.
The Djaroueh family itself has worked in the agricultural sector since the 1930's. Three successive generations have worked in that sector each learning from the elder the natural methods used in farming, and bringing on new technological development which they have learned from their studies abroad. Although the family did not start producing labeled olive Oil until recently, it has been producing great tasting Olive Oil for decades. With Zirtoon, the Djaroueh family attempts to export some of its great tasting Olive Oil, to the rest of the world. The family ensures that the world enjoys the delicious Oil it has been enjoying for generations by supervising every step of the production, with great care and attention so as to provide you with high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



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