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The Benefits of Olive Oil

The Nutritional Values
People are discovering now, what Mediterranean peoples have known for millennia; that salubrious oil of the olive is an essential ingredient of a good life

  • Olive Oil
    • Is derived in a physical way; pressure or central pushing, without any chemical or heat treatment.
    • The oil is 100% natural, and naturally contains anti-acidic substances.
    • Its decomposition point is 220 degrees Celsius.
    • Could be raised to frying temperature at least ten times without any effect.

  • Other vegetable Oils
    • Is derived with the use of chemical dissolves and soda kawi and under high pressure.
    • Needs anti-acid chemicals in order to be able to be stored.
    • the decomposition point of the best of these oils is 170 degrees Celsius.
    • could be raised to frying temperatures at best three times.
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    • People who regularly consume Olive Oil were found to have a lower rate of cancer, especially breast cancer. Studies show that women who eat Olive Oil more than once a day has a 45 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer. It may have therapeutic effects on peptic ulcers and prevent the formation of gallstones.
    • People who regularly consume Olive Oil were found to have lower levels of heart attacks (and other cardiovascular diseases).
    • People of the Mediterranean have the lowest rate of heart disease among western nations; a condition partially attributed to their liberal use of Olive Oil. (It is rich in monounsaturated fats- the "good" fats- and also in anti-oxidants, which help prevent plague build-up in the arteries). Up to 80 % of olive oil is made up of monosaturated fatty acids, which resist oxidation better than polyunsaturated and help keep HDL- "good" cholesterol- levels up and bad Cholesterol (LDL) down. Olive oil can be used to aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and consequently decreases risks of heart problems.
    • Food fried in Olive Oil retains more nutritional value than those fried in other kinds of oils.
    • Two other components of Olive Oil that are very important are vitamin E and the poly phenol, which are synergetic. They prevent oxidation of fatty acids, which reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis and some forms of cancer.
    • Olive Oil provides good protection against blood clotting and arteriosclerosis.
    • Stimulates liver and bile tract, lowers stomach acidity and protects it from ulcer.
    • Assists in healing of ailing gum, maintains whiteness of teeth.
    • Used by athletes for softening of muscles and joints and by woman for keeping the natural softness and rose color of the skin as well as for better hair growth.
    • Rich with A1, B1 and E vitamins and many mineral salts.
    • Recommended for pregnant women,
    • Enhances the growth of children and babies
    • Delays geriatric symptoms
    • Contributes to making food more delicious and easily digestible.

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    And other benefits..
    Alternative Uses Of Olive Oil

    • You can burn it and use it as a source of energy. Before electricity supplied the source of energy for lights, many cities, especially in Syria, used olive Oil as the lighting energy in their street lamps.
    • You can wash with it.
    • You can lubricate squeaky hinges with it.
    • Cosmetics are based on it; Indians and Arabs use it as hair tonic.
    • Diamonds are polished with it.
    • Kings and babies are anointed with it.
    • It's an amazing preservative, keeping fish, cheese, and even wine remains good for years.
    • Maintaining skin and muscle suppleness.
    • It acts as the perfect hair conditioner as attested by numerous Greek housewives.
    • It is also said to act as the ideal burn treatment (mixed with lime and water).
      Some people also recommend it for its medical benefits, a Cretan farmer said "My wife suffered from back pain, somebody told her to take two tablespoons of olive oil every morning on an empty stomach. She did this for ten days and she was cured. (national geographic magazine September 1999).

    Although olive oil comes to us from antiquity it is still the best for our health.

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